Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rhubarb, Strawberries and Inspirational Teachers

Who would have thought rhubarb and strawberries would reunite an amazingly gifted science teacher and a student she taught more than ????? decades ago?


But it has, and in a couple of weeks I'll be working in the Sisters of St. Joseph kitchen with Sr. Maria Irwin, the science teacher who inspired the Geek Within me at the ripe old age of 14... a brilliant woman whose love of physics opened my mind to so many things!

And taught me to question facts....

And temper teaching by noting that one of science's greatest pros and cons is how it disproves itself on a regular basis!

I love scientific fact, but I'm readily amazed by how often our facts turn out to be misread pages of fiction....

And how often science fiction becomes reality!

Who would have thought we could beam up information at these speeds with no wires???? Not so long ago they would have been amazed about doing it with wires. Now????

Wifi. Shades of First Officer Scott on Star Trek: "Beam me up, Scotty."

Come on, that's a conundrum, isn't it????

It's a beautiful day in upstate, after a cold, windy, dark, thick-clouded June 8th, we're blessed with spring-to-summer weather again, and I love it.

My writing is done for the morning, and I'm going to slip out front and get dirty because there's a therapy in dirt and flowers and gardens unlike any other.

For an hour of quiet... with Lady Antebellum playing on the old boom box.... (Yes, for real!!! It's the only radio in the house that pulls in the weekend Yankee games outside!)

Me and the dirt. With some flower friends coming along.

Flower therapy.

How blessed I am to have this time... time to write, to laugh, to love, to share, to garden.

God is good. Most assuredly.

And we are blessed to be in a land where freedom is the rule, not the exception.

Now... it's garden time, time to rebuild an old pond!!!

Let's see how this comes out!

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