Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Springing into Love!

Spring, how I love thee! Let me count the ways!

My website blog is giving me "agita" which is what my sister-in-law says when her family is driving her crazy.

I get it.

And life has enough agitation that the World Wide Web should not be causing more!




And chocolate and coffee.

I'm ready to get dirty. Move soil. Plant flowers. While the world around me is greening up, I'm so excited to play in the dirt, too!

It probably sounds silly, but this is a trait from my Grandma Myrtle Herne. She loved to garden and passed that love down to me, so I'm taking a break from edits, stretching my limbs and getting dirty!

And it will feel marvelous!

Trust me. It will look better when it's done.

I hope!!!! Every time I heard Chris and Martin Kratt tell kids to "Get out and get into nature..." I thought of this! Once the snow melted and the rain stopped, I'd be out in nature.... With dirty knees.

And when you're done, (shameless plug here!) run on over to Amazon and grab a copy of our newest historical collection! "Spring Into Love" is a wonderful set of 4 stories featuring Pam Hillman, Cara Lynn James, Mary Connealy and me!

We had so much fun putting it together, and mine is set about twenty-five years AFTER this old farmhouse of mine was built! Isn't that amazing?

(Which means my basement is kind of like a cross between a tomb and a cave.... enter at your own risk!)

There are hundreds of plants waiting to go into the farm.... The guys are bedding 500 new asparagus plants and 600 strawberry plants found homes over the weekend. That's not a lot of strawberries by farm standards, but since the deer ate all of last year's, we're testing our new deer controls...

We'll see how this all works!

It's spring on the farm, full of birds, frogs, toads, one humongous snapping turtle and no small number of garter snakes...

Welcome to upstate!

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