Tuesday, March 3, 2015

All Dressed Up in Love Giveaway!

You are a guinea pig right now. 

Wait, that doesn't sound very nice.

Okay, how does Crash Test Dummy sound? Worse, right?

Okay, I won't make you BE anything, I'll do quiet internal testing. I'm weighing blog sites, my blog that's embedded in my website and my fun "Ruthy's Place" blogger site here... and checking out the pros and cons of both! 

So bear with me, I don't mean to confuse the issue, but it's kind of fun to see what works best!

First, there's this:

My newest release from Zondervan/Harper Collins, and I cannot tell you how much I love, love, love this story! Part of the "Year of Weddings" novella collection, mine is the 4th book of the 2015 collection and it was so much fun to write! 

I was a bridal consultant for eight years at one of the best stores/workplaces imaginable. Started by the Hall family, "Bridal Hall" became a Rochester icon, a business everyone knew about and most visited because you felt like you were somebody when you walked into Bridal Hall... the warm atmosphere, the amazingly nice and helpful staff, the humor, the music, the family vibes... and yet professionally focused to give each bride confidence in her choices...

This book honors those wonderful people I worked with. It's my lovesong to them, to Bridal Hall, to Kathy, Donna and Jean and the entire Hall family and staff. 

Now, I just opened the prize vault and found a BUNCH of books to give away! This book is an e-format, so you either need a Kindle app on your computer, or a Kindle/Nook/Sony/Apple e-reader...

But the app is FREE and you can get it from Amazon so don't hesitate to leave a comment to enter this contest! 

If you've ever had a favorite job, tell us what it is.... and if you haven't, what would you imagine it to be?

Leave a comment and I'll toss your name into the new cat dish (the cats were quite annoyed that their cat dish kept disappearing, silly kitties!!!) I'll draw names on Thursday, which means you could be reading "All Dressed Up in Love" by Friday! SUHWEEET!

And here's a little winter fun to make you smile because it's still winter here in upstate NY!

Our marsh, the home of my famous little buddies, the spring peepers! (tree frogs)

Finn. Finn is part clown, he's 18 months old and thinks he's funny. He is funny. He is also a death-defying climber who loves to straddle the tops of couches and taunt you with a grin. And yes, he's had several emergency room visits and is undeterred... :)  He's a boy!

Waiting for the bus on another snowy morning! 

We know how to do winter in upstate New York, LOL! But once March rolls around... we're all ready for spring!


  1. Good morning Ruthy. I enjoyed reading about your time as a bridal consultant. I had the dream job of public librarian and held this job for 22 1/2 years. For the young girl who devoured books, this was the ultimate job! Best wishes for continued happiness and success!
    I don't need to be entered into the drawing because I just received one I won't earlier this week.

  2. I have 2 favorite jobs- one is a school in ANY that I taught at for 6 years. Amazing kids, amazing staff and in the town I grew up in, where my family still lives. I even got to teach my brother! Second was a local candy store specializing in goat milk fudge. 'Nuff said. I also really liked working at the information center at my college. I've had lots of great jobs. Best job: being a stay at home wife and mom

  3. Connie, I love seeing you as a librarian. I am forever grateful for the kind librarians who let a pretty scruffy girl from a rough home take out scads of books each week... They helped create my love for reading and writing! I love librarians!!!

  4. Hey, snowflake!!! Where did you live up north? And goat milk fudge.... Oh mylanta, just the thought of fudge is making me hungry! I loved my time at home with my kids, too... and then Ol' Dave lost his job, we had six kids and I started working two jobs. Full time days, part-time nights... but I kept remembering how hard the immigrants and pioneers worked and I kept telling myself that if God gave them strength, he'd do the same for me. And he did!!! And now my life-long dream of being an author is the daily reality.... How amazing life is!!!!

  5. Loved this post! Great reading about your bridal job. I've always wanted to be a crash test dummy lol. My favorite job I guess would be the one I'm doing now working for a college. They just don't close for snow days which makes it hard to build a snowman. I much prefer what I do in my spare time: a freelance editor and writer. Only God knows where all this is going. Love your books, Ruthy! Would love to read this one.

  6. Sally, I love your take that "only God knows where all this is going"... so true! I just figured if I kept working.... face forward.... eventually it would all work out according to his will! And it did! Oh, that God! :) I'm tossing your name in the cat dish!

  7. I was a member of the Library Club all four years at Melrose High School; had my cake and icing too! For almost all my working days, I did bookkeeping and accounting. Two dream jobs in one lifetime. A stay-at-home mom, I ran parts and did hubby's books for his repair business. Looking back I have so much to be thankful for, but I try always to look forward to see what today will bring. BTW sorry you've had to get more cat dishes; you will keep giving books away, my dear.

  8. I was born in Allegany County and lived there for 10 years, then lived the next 18 years in Chautauqua County, before meeting my soldier husband and going where the Army takes us. :) ~Laurel

  9. Hey Ruthie! I was a full-time musician (with a tour bus and everything) for several years. Now I'm writing full-time, which has always been one of my dreams. :)

    Stay warm up there! It's almost 70* today here in the FL panhandle. :)

  10. Judy, I love your attitude! I hope we get to meet next time I'm down that way for a few days. Maybe next fall??? I want to do some Hillsborough exploring while I visit the kids so I might be able to schedule and extra day in.... We'll talk over the summer and see how it pans out!

    Laurel... I love that my books kind of just followed your life! That rocks! Of course you know that Men of Allegany County was in Allegany County, but Kirkwood Lake is a fictional version of Chautauqua Lake. I gave it more hills than the real version, but other than that, it's my own take on that amazingly beautiful section of Western New York! Love it!

  11. ANNA!!!! I didn't know that about you! That's awesome.... and what a fun bit of hands-on knowledge you've gained. SUHWEEET!!!!

  12. Judy, I had to get a new cat dish, it was really a necessity. Between the dog tossing the old one around whenever she goes out that door, and the cats dragging it here and there, it was a travesty on how much I love youse to keep using it! The new one is pure melamine!!!! With speckles!!!