Saturday, September 14, 2013

Be "Roman Strong" for Roman Statt!!!

Here's what's happening. I have a friend. He's little. Two years old. He's stinkin' cute. His name is Roman Statt and WE LOVE HIM.

This is one of my favorite pics of Roman:

Ignore the clutter, really, that's totally the NORM around here. Focus on the center objects... Cute kid, binky in place, piling HUGE HEAVY THINGS together and balancing them. 18 months old, so funny, very methodical, focused on the job at hand... Dave decided he was an engineer in the making!!!

Stinkin' cute family, right???? Kevin, Darcy and Roman Statt

We love them. 

And then there's this:

Roman and his buddies on the porch swing! Brody, Roman, Joslyn, Mary Ruth and Megan!!!!

Healthy, happy, silly, climbing, exploring little boy...

But then....

Things started to change. Looking back we can see the bruising on Roman's legs... with no cause...

Mom and Dad took him to the doctor because bruises shouldn't come out of nowhere...

And now we're here:

And doing this:

AML is tough... but then, so is our Roman! And his family and friends and neighbors and community are rallying around this young family because no one should go broke fighting for the life of their child.

We're a small town. Close-knit. We're related in one way, shape or form to a lot of folks here!
I write about small towns because I love 'em...

And this small town is gathering forces to support one little man's fight.

Keep watch here for pictures of Chinese Auction prizes and further benefit details! 

If you can come, please do so!!! You don't have to eat spaghetti (although I'll be in the kitchen and it will be VERY GOOD SPAGHETTI!!!!)

Feel free to come, snack, buy tickets for prizes (Chinese Auction Raffle), the 50/50 raffle, and see healthy kids come out in support of one of their own.

Be "Roman Strong" for Roman Statt.

Monetary donations can be sent to 
Mary Wolfe
461 Parma Center Road
Hilton, NY  14468

For offering Chinese Auction items (baskets, large items, gift certificates, services)
Call Sandra Eichas   585-305-4404

or e-mail me (Ruthy) at

Mostly? We'd love your prayers, and those of your prayer groups.
You can follow Roman's progress at his Caring Bridge site:

(They'll have you register, but I did it, so clearly ANYONE CAN DO IT!!!)  :)

Thank you! And may God bless you, every single day.


  1. Nancy, thank you! I can't think of a better way to use my blog space than to help with this fundraiser the next month... there will always be books to talk about, right? But right now, Roman's way more important than anything... and he's stinkin' cute!!!

  2. Oh, how terribly sad! May God give Roman strength to kick this!