Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Day in the Life (minus bad plumbing!!!)

Erma Bombeck always made me laugh at life. Her regular newspaper posts cracked me up and her wise words...

"When I stand before God at the end of my days I want to be able to say I used everything you gave me."

Help guide my life, my choices because how sad is it to waste God's greatest gift? Life?

These came from Great-Grandma Blodgett's garden via Grandma Blodgett... I think that makes them sweeter each spring, knowing the women who passed out bulbs to friends and family. Such a small thing to do to bring such joy each spring...

New Roof in Progress!!!  This long awaited home improvement came after too many back-and-forths with my husband and son-in-law about re-doing this roof.... I stood my ground and we hired it done because it's high.... It's tricky.... and these guys weren't afraid to use harnesses to stay alive! Whereas my very competitive show-off family men... Well.  You get the drift of what I'm saying.  :)  The roof is done, and everyone is alive, which was my goal all along!

Grandchildren snuggling baby dolls..... With cozy blankies, of course.

These pretty hyacinths came in an arrangement sent in remembrance of our grandson Joseph... Joseph was lost in the sixth month of pregnancy, a bitter time for all of us. But these little blossoms remind us of him... and of life renewed. When my day in heaven comes I will be seated right there, next to other grandmas and mamas, rockin' babies we never got a chance to hold here on Earth.

And we'll tell them stories.... and laugh and sing.

And rock them to sleep.... This is Xavier, Joseph's younger brother... He got a little naughty and we just cuddled for a while...

And then.... :)   Sleepy baby.

Isn't that like the best picture ever???

Oh, wait.... Yes, the sleeping baby is best ever.... but here is the below-grade completed (and inspected!) work for the new family room/foyer addition:

This is the crawl space that will be beneath the room and it will have a No Snakes or Mice Allowed sign permanently affixed to wall....

And here is the freshly poured concrete floor of the crawl space:





  1. Yes, it is the sweetest thing. So glad all those kids by kin and by circumstance have you as grandma.

    But why are there no pictures of the dig for the new construction????

  2. This is such a sweet look into your spring, Ruthy!

    I love the passed on flower bulbs. Why didn't my mother and grandmothers ever think to do that?

  3. Julie, it was so nice to talk to you yesterday! I loved it! And I added a couple of pics of the crawl space... somehow a crawl space isn't as romantic as walls and windows, vistas on a changing world!!!

    But because it does hold the room up, it's important too, right????

    And Bob-the-Builder did a great job of getting this part done... and now the pretty stuff begins.

    Jan, I had my grandmother's rocks at my old house and when I moved I left them there because I didn't know I could ask to keep them... her rock garden was my inspiration long ago... So you're right, these little pass ons make us smile.... and remember.

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