Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Make My Life an Alleluia....

"Youse" know I love Mother Teresa....  "Peace begins with a smile".

And no one had a better smile than Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa made her life an "Alleluia" by her day-to-day existence.

I need to strive harder for this.

I need to focus on God more and things less.

I need to feed friendships with gentility and grace, not empty promises.

In mid-winter our choir director Susan Judkins (whom I love) presented us with sheet music for Ruth Elaine Schram's "Make My Life an Alleluia". To me this is a life-changing piece of music. In its simplicity it is a true prayer of open love, quiet and good.

 Here is a link to the song "Make My Life an Alleluia" This version was found by my fellow alto Kay Tomer and it's done by the Enfuego Christian Academy... and no doubt they'll end up in a book.  :)

When I think of those words.... Hear those words.... contemplate those sweet words I recognize how much more I could and should do. How with a little more focus and presence I can work to truly make my life an alleluia...

Make my life an alleluia.... 

Showing love for God and fellow man every day... every night.... every moment.

When I'm lax, kicking myself back into gear to share... to smile... to greet.

Make my life an alleluia....

To take each small child that comes into my life and show them the love and tenderness of God's saving grace through a loving touch and a firm reminder.

To puff cool air on their boo-boos and use Band-aids when needed.  But not too many because some ouchies are better left to God's clean air.

Make my life an alleluia...

To pray earnestly and ardently in the manner of saints.... and to forgive in the manner of sinners. To take my lack and turn it into something sweet and strong.

God has blessed me by putting me in an amazing country... In a sweet town... in a house that doesn't leak with children who do.  :) I have beloved family and friends, clothes and food.... Born in a land of plenty, let me use my self-discipline to not seek more...

Always more....

Make my life an alleluia....

Teach me to be satisfied with what I have... and to share from that banquet of mercy.

Let me praise his name, his glory, his grace, his patience with me because it is wretchedly undeserved.

And in so doing, let me make my life an Alleluia...

A song of praise to you, my king.

(Words and music of "Make My Life an Alleluia" by Ruth Elaine Schram)


  1. Hi Ruth:

    “But not too many because some ouchies are better left to God's clean air.”

    So true. So like a mother; That’s writing what you know.

    Your link seems to be to sheet music. Here’s a link to how the song is sung in church.

    And, as a New Yorker, if you like Leonard Cohen, as I do, then you might find his “Hallelujah” also an inspiration.

    I just love Mother Teresa because she faced almost crippling doubts and still got up each day to complete her life’s mission. God did not make it easy for her!

    The Church isn’t there yet, but to me she’s St. Teresa. All the St. Teresas were amazing women.


  2. Vince, your wisdom is just amazing as always! It was to but the "listen" button had a choir singing it... BUT... My friend Kay had told me about these 4 young girls... VINCE!!! They're from Enfuego Christian Academy in the Phillipines and their rendition is so clear... so pure... so beautiful that your heart cannot help but sing with them! I changed the link to that one so you must try it. Tell me what you think. And then ask if I had any idea that there were so many Christian schools in the city of Paranaque (which I didn't even know about until researching these young ladies...)

    What a gift of spirit and voice.

  3. Teenster, now if I would just take my own advice... and be quiet more often....

    This, I think, would help.

  4. Hi Ruthy i really like the picture of Mother Teresa