Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Post Season???? Yes??? No????

First there's this:

Derek Jeter... NY Yankee shortstop.....

It's October. Playoff season. Days are shorter. Nights, cooler. Pixie fires. Leaves dropping.

Baseball changed the whole wild card/division champs scenario this year and it's CRAZY CONFUSING because the American League is neck and neck.... which is great for the excitement, but not so much if you want your beloved team LOCKED IN.


So this week will tell the story. By October 3rd, we'll know.... Does the season go on? Or does it end and we clean out the lockers????

(Okay, I wrote that this past weekend, but the Yankees are a lock now.... I don't know if they'll win their division, but they're in the post-season one way or another so I'M HAPPY.)

Have I mentioned I have a Yankee bedroom????


Because why wouldn't you? Think of little boys and girls snuggled under a Yankee comforter... Pics of Mariano, Mantle, The Babe, Joltin' Joe.... and Jeter, of course.

Playoffs. SUH-WEEEEET!

(note to Yankees: Who needs a clean house????)

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