Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spot Gardens!


I love growing things. Kids. Dogs. Cats. Flowers....

Maybe mostly flowers!

Raspberry Clematis on a trellis to hide a really ugly shed that needs a new roof!

They don't talk back.

The improvements made by weeding look good for DAYS... not minutes.

They brighten my viewpoint and my yard.

These tough daffodils make it up through my English Ivy... Which is bound and determined to take over the world as we know it!

They do not borrow the car.

They do not eat the last can of tuna and forget to tell me.

They do not track in SCADS of wood chips on dirty shoes after working in the woods...  ;)

This time of year, I love to do a little digging. Planning. Organizing. But there isn't a lot of time so I've learned to Spot Garden.

I'm going to share spot gardens with you as I work them. Splashes of color, sometimes no bigger than a basket, to draw the eye away from the weeds in the grass. And the snakes in the sun. And the vermin running from one of several cats.

You get the picture. Real farm = real life, LOL!


  1. What a gorgeous colour clematis! Raspberry! Sounds good enough to eat.

    I share your philosophy of using colour to hide or brighten specific spots. I had an empty spot in the front of a garden bed where a spirea shrub had been winter killed. I filled a tub with begonias and plunked it in the bare spot. I liked it so well I didn't bother replacing the shrub.

  2. Carol, I love tub planters! Hey, if you send me a pic, I'll include it in my posts on spot gardens... I do a metal tub, a crate, baskets... It's easy, no weeding, and adds color without taking my writing time! I'd love to see your pic... send it to ruthy (at) ruthloganherne (dot) com if you don't mind me using it.