Thursday, February 23, 2012


I need help.

No, no, not THAT kind of help, although there are some who would nod wisely and GRIN.

No, we need to NAME THAT TROOPER!

His last name is Hendrickson. He's a total hottie... Of course! But Trooper Hendrickson has a chip on his shoulder...

A gut full of guilt.

 His first name cannot begin with "M" or "J" or my virtual assistant will KILL ME. And that would be sad. Right?

Other heroes in my Allegany County books are Trent, Jeff, Danny, Matt, Cameron, Brett.... In the North Country we have Brooks, Craig and Marc.... So I can't use any of those.

Let me describe this rugged, cool guy with a chip on his shoulder: He survived the upstate NY ice storm of '91... his handicapped sister didn't. His parents' marriage eventually broke up. He's a loner who lived downstate as a trooper, avoiding the crazy upstate weather and memories. Just reassigned the previous week, he has no idea that being trapped in a hospital-turned-into-shelter during a mammoth ice storm with Katie Bascomb will be his turning point. God's saving grace. A new day...

Because right now he's not all that impressed, LOL! And I'd kind of like a 'surname' first name if we can come up with one that fits. Because I was going to have it be his mother's maiden name. Whaddya think?????

Help me name this protector. This guardian. This hardened soul. And then we'll see if we can't give him something to smile about in the face of wrack and ruin.


  1. Tyler - with Ty for short
    Russell - with Russ for short
    Wesley - with Wes for short

  2. Oh, I'm likin' Russ and Wes... Even if they don't work for this story, that puts a whole new spin on my next series, Keli!!!!

    Tyler and Todd are my orphan boys in the book preceding this one, so I have to stay away from T surnames, too. I forgot to put that!

    My brain is filled with holes, Kel!

  3. Ruthy, I pulled the thousand most common surnames and made a pretty impressive list. Then I culled it down to three or four, and the one that hit me out of nowhere that just seemed right wasn't even on it.
    I think his name is Frost. But of course only you know for sure =)

  4. Nancy, I would have never thought of that! That's a rockin' name...

    That one might work better for LI as a surname that gets used. So you're actually calling him by his surname and his name is really Mike Frost, but everybody calls him Frost.

    Or Sledge.

    Oooo... Sledge would be a good cop name.

    But I think the Gwynster is winning this battle with Russell. "Russ"...

    The editors like it and it works for the last name feeling I wanted to give the story...

    But I'm keeping my facebook list for future reference... How cool to have an Internet device that gives us such quick feedback???

    LOVE IT!!!

  5. Good, and Russell is a great name. My shelved contemporary romance WIP hero's name is Russell. Russell Lindroth. Isn't that such a silver-spoon sounding name?
    No matter what I'm sure the Ruthy fans (like me!) will love him. You write such great hero's it's impossible for me to pick a favorite from your work. That's never happened before, LOL
    Do you have a favorite or love them all the same but in different ways?