Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Five Good Things About Chronic Rain...

Okay, I'm thinking!!!

Pond levels are up which means fewer fish will die in the drought of August???

That's a stretch-and-a-half, isn't it?

Aye yi yi, who woulda thought a rainy spring would be so hard to appreciate?

Some farmers got fields planted before the heavens opened.  Some didn't.

So some farmers are happy because their seed germinated while other fields are under water and the seed is rotting.

Some are sitting on seed because the fields are too wet to get into and as each day ticks by, the northern growing season gets tighter.

A lesson on good drainage.

The kids are restless....

Mud helps restless kids!!!

And spring brings other things:

Eighth Grade Night for our Teens!!!!

Stacey came by to do their hair:

I love Stacey. She just makes me smile.  :)

So we turned my kitchen into a Salon and Spa:

Note the little helper...  :)  Stacey's daughter (and my Goddaughter) Megan...

This is Casey doing Kathryn's nails. We're a full-service kitchen!!!

Check out Kathryn's smile!!!!!  And those loopy rollers in her hair. LOVE IT!!!

And here we are as the afternoon continues....

Aren't they just wonderful girls?????

High school next year...

I've watched these girls grow up for over a decade... I've been a regular part of their daily lives since long before kindergarten snared them away...

And I'm so proud I could bust.

I love them. They are part of my past, my present and my heart.

So who cares if it rains for days when God sends us beautiful children like this to enjoy???

I might not be able to come up with five realistic good things about rain, rain, rain, but I'm totally thrilled with chronic kids.

And helping them grow up!


  1. I luv this blog♥ wouldn't have anything to do with the fact I'm in it. Lol.

  2. STACEY DEAN!!!! I'm so grateful for all the nice things you do for people... And this was just one of those many times when you gave up your time... and your talents... for the good of others. These girls will never forget how special you made their night.

    Of course I supplied the Diet Coke.

    I had to do SOMETHING!!!!