Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Month, A New Release, A Chance to Win!

Congratulations to our winner from last month's contest!!! Barbara Klein, you've won a copy of "Back in the Saddle" and "Home on the Range"! Thank you so much for taking part in the contest!!!

OKAY... This month we've got "Home on the Range" releasing in mass market paperback form...  Being shelved across the country, from sea to shining sea on APRIL 4th, 2017!!! 

4 1/2 STARS Romantic Times Top Pick.... and a beautiful love story of a family broken... and dreams healed.  I am so excited that these wonderful books are going to be in thousands of stores nationwide. I am living my dream... and so glad and blessed to share it with you.

So here's the thing: To enter this month's contest you need to post a picture of "Back in the Saddle" OR "Home on the Range" (or both if they're both on the shelf!) on either facebook (www.facebook.com/ruth.loganherne.3) or Twitter @ruthloganherne...

OR: You can send me an e-mail at loganherne@gmail.com to sign you up for my twice quarterly newsletter....

Which is (of course!) a wonderful newsletter that you will enjoy reading. :)

If you get pictures of BOTH, I double the entries for you! The prize: A brand new signed copy of "Peace in the Valley" the third book in this wonderful series.... And NOT YET RELEASED! Win it before you can buy it!

We're keeping it simple here, because I'm a simple kind of gal, a country gal at heart, a gal who loves cowboys... and cowboy "code". First, a gentleman... then a cowboy.

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