Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bake A Memory Day

This is part of our simpler, gentler, spirit-filled Christmas agenda!  With so many presents for children these days, Dave and I (okay, I might be pulling him tugging and screaming, resisting change, but he is a mere man, after all!) are working on re-vamping Christmas to "Understood Betsy" type memories.

You know the kind.

The ones that stick and make you feel good inside when you think about them twenty years later. Or thirty. Or forty.

Those kind of memories!

Little Dave, me and Emma doing "Mary's Sugar Cookies" from Betty Crocker cookbook...Don't add the cream of tartar!!!       

Cream of tartar is what makes cookies crisp. I like chewy cookies best. So I leave it out. Because I can.  ;)

Logan and Emma are working on the chocolate chip cookie dough. Recipe is over at Yankee Belle Cafe
We started with the most labor intensive cookie, the cut-outs... then the chocolate chip dough, tasting as we went along.... And yes, we eat raw cookie dough. And LOVE IT!!!! 

Here's Elijah helping:

I thought it prudent to help him crack the egg....

This is Xavier.... Next year, Xavier! Promise!

Then the boys needed an itsy-bitsy big muscle energy break:

Logan, Dave and 'Lijah...

And then we baked cookies.... frosted cookies.... and then we made reindeer food for sprinkling on Christmas Eve... With sugar sprinkles to sparkle and attract the deer from the sky.

Our first Bake-a-Memory Day.


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  1. Ruthy, that's so great. And guess what else is great? My copy of Yuletide Hearts was in my mailbox today! Oh, and I eat raw cookie dough too. It's delicious =)