Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My First Published Author Award!!!

Vince Mooney
If you go here:

You will see an incredibly nice award presented by 
an incredibly nice man!
Vince, thank you for all your kind words about
 "Made to Order Family"!

You humble me, Dude!
And that is my FIRST AWARD as a published author, and 
huge thanks to my editor Melissa Endlich of Love Inspired
whose hard work coaxed the hero and heroine's love story
out of the original
and gave the romance center stage.
A job well done.

You've made my day, Vince!
And then if you go here:

You'll see this same nice man, Vince Mooney,
a philosopher, a sage and lover of the written word,
opining in Seekerville about 
taglines, the little "blurbs"
that encompass a writer's mission, and holding a fun little contest to see how well 'taglines' work.


  1. Hi Ruth:

    I should thank you for writing a book with so much ‘neat stuff’ under the hood that I could go on and on expanding on what was so right about it!

    The ‘Philosophy of Romance’ book of the year has to be a great read but it also requires a richness that runs deep. All three of your books run very deep!

    I’m so happy to be your first award for a published novel. I told my wife last night that you were going to win everything this year, with three 4 ½ star books in the running, and that being your ‘first’ is going to be a real honor.

    BTW: my website is being inundated with hits reading the “Made to Order Family” award post. Wonderful!


  2. Vince, thank you again! You rock, Dude!

    Sign me:

    Grinning in Upstate!

  3. Congrats, Ruthy!! And Vince, you have great taste! :)