Monday, April 15, 2024

And Then There Were Six!

 AKC Registered Standard Poodle "Pretty Primrose" gave birth to six beautiful puppies on Holy Thursday! 

We have four boys and two girls! Puppies are now eighteen days old... their eyes have opened and they are starting to walk instead of crawl which means our lives are about to get even busier!!!! 

Rosie is a "parti" poodle. That simply means she's a white poodle with big splotches of color. Her coloring is chocolate and white....

Dad is our beloved "Jeter" (named for the Yankee captain, yes! Because Ruthy and Farmer Dave are Yankee fans!!!) But we do love all baseball so Boston fans are always welcome here! Jeter is a black Goldendoodle... his parents were both raised by us, our dogs. Mom was a chocolate brown poodle "Libby" and a gorgeous red retriever "Mick" (short for McDreamy.... sigh...)  ;)

Okay, back to the serious business of puppies!  We let the girls give them 'house' names, so you Harry Potter fans will be thrilled to hear them... 

Females: Hedwig! Hedwig is the one on the right....  "Pigwidgeon" is bigger, he's on the left. Notice the darker-toned ears? 

Hedwig is a gorgeous blonde female with tan ears... the tan ears suggest a darker overcoat to come in on these cream-toned puppies!

Winky is the biggest puppy. Also a female, she's a gorgeous sable-and-white Parti-Doodle. 

Two black-and-white Parti-Doodle boys:  Sirius and Moony!

Sirius has a full black back saddle and white legs... and a gorgeous wave already! Moony has the more traditional look of mottled black-and-white, kind of like a Holstein cow. Unlike a Holstein cow, Moony will be happy in the house! 

Then we have Dobby.... Dobby is a touch smaller and already walking.... With a litter of six, there's not usually what we'd call a "runt" but someone has to be the smallest and that's our Dobby! He was born at almost a pound, so not a runt.... he is also sable and white and is totally chill... he likes snuggling already!

And then there's Pig!!!! "Pigwidgeon" of Harry Potter fame, Pig vies with Sirius and Winky for biggest puppy status.... He's a gorgeous blonde/cream right now but with the brown ears so we're excited to see what his mature coloring will be! Pig is the larger puppy on the left.

Pups are 75% Standard Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever. This makes them an F1B doodle. That simply means we crossed a doodle (50/50) with a full Standard Poodle (100%)

Puppies were born in the house and being raised here. They will be vet-checked by Dr. Heidi Wendel of Erie Canal Veterinary Hospital in Spencerport. They will have their initial course of shots from Erie Canal Veterinary. Heidi and her staff have taken care of our pets for over seventeen years. They know us and we know and love them!

Pups are being dewormed at 2, 3 and 4 weeks.

Dad (Jeter) is eleven years old and has had no health problems.

Mom (Rosie) is seventeen months old and has a clear bill of genetic health from Embark.

Price is $1800.00

Non-refundable $200 deposits are being taken now. Pups can be visited in a few weeks time. We don't do early visits because we need Rosie to focus on love and care of her babies.  Picking order will be by order of deposits. If, however, you are the last person and you don't care for the final puppy choice, your deposit will be refunded and we will re-post that puppy. We want people to love their new family member and we know that's important to you and the puppy!!! 

Feel free to call  or text Ruthy with any questions. Phone if 585 455 1035.

Puppies will be available to go to their new homes by May 23rd, Memorial Day Weekend.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Puppies are Growing!

 UPDATE: Big Dan has gone home to a wonderful family in Webster.... Derek is now "Huck" and he will be "Finn's" best new buddy with a family in West Irondequoit... which leaves beautiful Copper! Copper is vet-checked, has had two rounds of shots, is absolutely adorable. He's used to being around kids, dogs, puppies, kittens and cats. He's got his daddy's face and his mama's coloring. Beautiful fellow... white blaze on chest and his curls/waves are coming in. As always, call Ruthy to set up a time or ask questions. 585 455 1035.  Price is $1500.


AND THIS IS DEREK: (He looks like his daddy "Jeter" pictured below)

Here is Jeter: (proud Doodle Daddy)

Good morning, and welcome to the farm!

Puppies are growing... and growing... and growing! We are so pleased to see them develop into such fun little creatures. They look like puppies now, standing, running, walking, sitting, yipping and eating real food...

And wrestling! 

The array of colors for these beautiful Golden Doodles is beautiful, from cream to gold to red to brown to black. 

Teddy and Brownie/Billie Holliday have been chosen and there are a couple of folks coming this week, but there are still several beautiful puppies available.


This is "Big Dan", gorgeous red/gold distinct waves showing, gentle, laid-back personality. He looks like he's got the wisdom of the world on his mind... shown here with Morgan, one of the farm's smaller dog lovers.

This is "Turtle" named for the candy, not the amphibian! (All puppy names can and probably should be changed, but the farm friends had some fun naming them!) Turtle is a glossy black female with a brilliant white blaze on her chest. She'll have quite the contrast as a full-grown doodle and has distinct waves showing. Like all of our doodles, sweet personality and loves, loves, loves to be held and by your side. 

UPDATE! Turtle will soon be living in West Irondequoit! A beautiful family came to visit us today and their beautiful daughters chose Turtle (that's our name for her) to be their new best buddy! We were so excited to meet you guys, Matt, Cristina, Maddie and Emelia! Thank you for opening your hearts and home to this pretty girl!

Introducing COPPER! (Copper is available) Named for the beloved story of Tod and Copper (Fox and the Hound), this fellow looks a lot like Big Dan in coloring, except Copper has a blaze of white across his chest (again, a pretty contrast when grown) and Copper has white back feet.... Copper is a born lover, has curls/waves showing and he tends to stay away from his wrestling siblings.

And here we have Lady and "Derek"... Derek earned his name because he looks just like his dad "Jeter", our beautiful black doodle. Jeter was named for Derek Jeter, Ruthy's favorite Yankee of all time and so Derek is "son of Jeter".... :)  And Lady Fatima (born on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima) is snuggled with her brother here....  Derek is a big, laid back puppy with a sweet nature. He's getting waves, not curls and has a glossy coat. They are two of the biggest puppies... Lady's distinctive and unusual coloring prices her at $2000. Her siblings are priced at $1500.

UPDATE: Lady Fatima and Derek have been sold. Thank you, Vallee family! 

Lady Fatima playing with a tennis ball...

Lady Fatima

This is "Derek", son of Jeter. We are Yankee fans! Derek is available... a gorgeous wavy jet black love-bug.

UPDATE: Cinnamon is sold! 

Then we have a Cinnamon, a family favorite! Cinnamon is available. Cinnamon's thick, rich, dark red coat is straighter than the others. He's attentive, always watching, you can sense that he's smart and sizes up situations. Beautiful proportions and his coloring is vibrant. He's often found in someone's arms or on their lap... and his "ruff" around his neck is an added touch. No curl showing, Cinnamon and Dumbledore are straighter-coated Doodles. 

And Dumbledore! Like Cinnamon, Dumbledore has a straighter hair tendency with a silky feel. His coloring is gold over ivory and his sleeker look gives him a more Golden Retriever look... but with the hybrid vigor of being an F1 cross. A gorgeous boy, Dumbledore is a sweetheart puppy with the easy-going nature that makes doodles such beloved pets. 

UPDATE: Dumbledore has been chosen by a family.... Leaving three puppies available. Thank you, sweet family! 

From front "Billie/Brownie" (sold) Dumbledore, Derek, Monty (sold, formerly "Teddy"), Turtle with MacKenzie and Lady by the fence. That's Cinnamon curled up by the feeding dish. 

Call Ruthy's cell phone at 585 455 1035 if you'd like to set up an appointment to see the puppies. She'll fit you in around planting and mum watering and all the stuff that goes along with getting a successful pumpkin farm on its feet in June... with the hard work of Farmer Dave and their hard-working buddies! 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mama with newborn pups eight weeks ago.... Maggie is a sweet, easy-going and beautiful red/gold doodle and she's been the best mom.... Well done, Maggie. Well done. 

Blodgett Family Farm is a popular fall destination farm in Western New York, developed by Dave and Ruthy Blodgett. The Blodgett family wanted an affordable and fun destination experience for families, both young and not-so-young. As their farm grows in popularity, Dave and Ruthy re-invest to make it fun, family-oriented and with the help of wonderful family and friends, the farm is filled with fairy houses, a wonderful playground area, a pair of goofy miniature donkeys and the joy of God's love. The fall season kicks off on Labor Day weekend, but there are several Craft Shows and Fun with Fairies events scheduled for this summer: June 26, July 24 and August 21.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Puppy Fever is Growing and So Are The Puppies!

 All nine pups are doing well! 

We're so excited!!!!!

The puppies are just getting up on their little legs and trying to walk instead of commando creep.... their eyes are opening! They are starting to yip! yip! yip! like dogs instead of puppy whimpers and their baby voices are so cute! 

The puppies have had their first deworming (intestinal worms are a normal part of puppy life) and their second and third will be done before their six week check-up with Dr. Heidi Wendel of Erie Canal Veterinary and Apple Country Veterinary. 

We have three females, very distinctive:

Black with a white blaze, wavy  ($1500.00)

Sable brown, curly to wavy, very unusual ($2000.00)

Ivory/cream with gray overtones, also very unusual coloring. ($2000.00)

We have six males, gorgeous boys! All six boys are priced at $1500.00

One dark copper male with dark ears, he should be a dark red dog.

One with distinctive curl tendency already, dark gold with red overtones.

One husky black male with wavy tendency (looks like his daddy did at this age)

One gold with darker overtones, two white rear paws, waves already showing

One sleeker-looking gold, not much curl showing, soft and silky, big boy.

One smaller blonde puppy, white star on forehead, thick waves showing.

We will take individual pictures next week, but we wanted to wait until pups are mobile and eyes open.... Still, here are some sweet group photos!

Feel free to message Ruthy via Facebook (Either through her author page Ruth Logan Herne or her farm page Blodgett Family Farm) or call her cell at 585 455 1035. 

We are delighted to share our good news with all of you!

Ruthy for Blodgett Family Farm